commissions: ideas

A commissioned painting is a unique artwork custom designed by you for your own enjoyment or as a gift for someone that you know. Below are some ideas for what you may want to commission.

A Still Life
Still Life objects can take on special meaning in our lives and can trigger a special memory of the past to keep alive in our minds.

An Abundance Painting

Paintings of fruit or flowers, a special teapot or favorite vase, can bring much joy, and be a reminder of the beauty in life.

A House Portrait

A quality painting of your home can preserve memories for your lifetime and for generations to come.

A Favorite Quiet Scene

Soothing quiet scenes of a favorite place to relax.

A Favorite Boat or Vehicle

Perhaps you have a favorite boat
or an old vehicle that you want
to remember?

A Historical Site

I love to paint industrial subjects. Whether it is a rail yard, a truck depot, or an oil refinery, these places record America's ingenuity and can be a rare art to own.

The "Nederland Steam Shovel" built in 1923, is now part of the Nederland Area Historical Society.