vision: why I make art

My feeling about art runs deep in my bones. Like a deep river, it seduces me on its way downstream; it is very sensual.

The core is drawing. For me, drawing is so basic that all I know is that I must do it. I see all the world in terms of how and what I would draw. So I do that, and I love to do it, and my drawing leads right into painting.

Sheer physicality fascinates me. Form in space. It can be the majestic landscape, a female figure, or the way an old house falls down. It amazes me how there are worlds within worlds, found right there in the simplest subject. All I have to do is take the time to really look, and there within the patterns is the possibility of another painting!

I am hyper-aware of the nature constant change. Nothing stays the same. Even as I paint I watch the shadows move— the early morning glow, with its deep color, changes into the washed out color of the afternoon, and then into the richness of sunset. In the same way I can see the season's change almost by the day. Watching and painting the spring trees fill out their leaves is a marvel!

I do not pretend to understand this incredibly complex world we live in, but I do see it in tremendous flux and I am attracted to capture some of that in art. In America, where I mostly live and work, change is everywhere. When I paint a landscape I often look for subjects to include that speak about the past. That color on an old rusted Dodge silently speaks volumes to me about where it has been and how much everything has changed since its paint was new.

Although I feel my quest into drawing will never end, after so many years I have gained enough proficiency with it to really enjoy it. It is my most reliable friend.